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the creative work of Alistair Gillies

AGP Studio

Recording Studio

Alistair Gillies is a sound engineer with about 30 years experience doing live sound on the folk circuit and 15 years running AGP Studio.

This is a small recording studio with a seperate studio and control room that has produced about 40 full CDs and numerous smaller recordings [demo CDs, year 10 rock bands, local singers against backing tracks, spoken word, museum sound tracks etc etc].


Those who have experiencd the AGP Studio sound and service keep on coming back [the record is 4 CDs] why not come and have a listen?


Based around the wonderful Soundscape hard disk recorder and a trusty Yamaha O2R mixing desk and with microphones from Neumann, AKG, Shure etc etc you will always get the best sound and you are welcome to come and have a look and listen before you book.


As Alistair knows the music [and is well known on the English ceilidh scene] AGP Studio is an ideal place to record folk and acoustic music or your first demo.........


Why not contact Alistair via the contact page........

Artists who have recorded at AGP Studio:

John Kirkpatrick, Harvey Andrews, Mike Silver, All Blacked Up, Serendipity, Ian Wilson, John Buckley, An Reader, Chris Bartram, Flaxenby, Chris Eldon Lee, Clynder Sound, Dave Masters, Pipe Factory, John Britten, Matthew Reilly, Miri, Pete Smith, Moira Gilchrist, Stefan Kohler, Ann Lennox Martin,


and many more including a variety of year 10 rock bands and local jazz band, a drag act, Elvis impersonator, museum talk-overs, college curriculum work, alot of spoken word


In all over the last 12 years or so about 40 full CD's and numerous demos / karaoke cd's - you could be next!