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the creative work of Alistair Gillies

AGP Studio

Musical Instrument Cards

Alistair's interest in folk music has naturally transferred to his coloured pencil drawings and yes, these are drawings.......


Each card comes with an envelope in a cellophane bag and cost £1.20 including postage.


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Bombarde 2 Castagnari Melodeon Ceilidh Band Concertina Descant Recorder Descant Recorder 1 Descant, tenor and treble recorders Djembe Descant Recorder 2 Melodeon 1 Saxophone Violin Violin 2 Trumpet Folk Band Bombarde 1

Bombarde Bell Greetings Card

Bombarde Reed Greetings Card

Hohner Pokerwork Melodeon Greetings Card

Castagnari Melodeon

Greetings Card

Violin [Plain Background]

Greetings Card

Violin [coloured background] Greetings Card

Trumpet and Music

Greetings Card

Descant Recorder and Music

Greetings Card

Descant Recorder and leaves Greetings Card

Descant Recorder and Straw Greetings Card

Three Recorders Greetings Card

Concertinas Greetings Card

Djembe and Rainstick

Greetings Card

Saxophone Greetings Card

Folk Band Greetings Card

English Ceilidh Band

Greetings Card

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