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Alistair Gillies    :    by arrangement

1. Sport of the World [Trad], Four Men in Caps [Gillies]

2. The Foxhunters Jig [Trad]

3. For Polentzi Guezala [trad]

4. All around the World [Trad], The Green Gates [Trad]

5. The Humours of Glendart [Trad], Joys of my life [Trad]

6. D'Une Annee a l'Autre [Gillies], De Servant [Trad]

7. The Fixhunters Jog [Gillies], Dunphy's Hornpipe [Trad]

8. The New Arbor Tree Processional [Saunders], Allemaine [Swain]

9. The Flowers of Edinburgh [Trad]

10. The Toboggan Run [Gillies], Morrisons [Trad]

11. The Leitrim Fancy [Trad], Langstroms Pony [Trad]

This is Alistair's first CD exploring the saxophone in traditional music. The sax has a longer history in this genre than most people would imagine and was a standard instrument in the Irish 'show' ceilidh bands of the 1950's. There are many interesting recordings around including those by Blowzabella, Fillarfolket, Whapweasel and more but there are few that fully showcase the instrument [Saxophony are an exception].

Alistair approaches the music from the view of a folk melody player who then adds other stuff, so you will find all sorts, from counterpoint, harmony and sax section - in fact a self indulgent sax players dream.....


Alistair is joined by his friends, Bill Caddick [12 string guitar], Chris Bartram [timbale], Phil Speight [bass guitar], Lisa McDermott [melodeons], Dave Baker cittern, electric guitar], Paul Saunders [English bagpipes] and Kevin Murphy tenor banjo].


What the papers say - reviews from the folk music press:



As a Saxophonist playing traditional music Alistair has carved out quite a niche for himself. Styles range from strict tempo Irish with piano vamp, through Tex-Mex, Breton, and Early English, to that funk,Jazz and Swing territory that the Saxophone commands, climaxing in a classic soul rendition of The Flowers of Edinburgh. I will be finding ideas and inspiration in this recording for a long time.

Jenny Coxon



A saxophone playing the lead in traditional music! It works and it works well with Alistair's playing. The 11 tracks provide an interesting diversity of music and some interesting interpretations of some good session favourites.

Brian Douglas



Alistair has taken music from the British Isles and slightly further afield as raw material for a listeners album that confidently endures repeated playing. From straight flute-like melody lines on Soprano Sax [All Around the World] and on Tenor [ Joy of my Life], or supported by a few well chosen guests, Alistair moves into chordal Sax arrangements that, occasionally, turn a well known tune inside out. The Foxhunter's Jig, for example is a multi-tracked, solo tour-de-force, with sumptuous slurs and harmonies.

Mike Greenwood.


And from a saxophone player:

Just to confirm that I have safely received the CD and am enjoying it immensely. It is quite inspirational to hear how the tenor and soprano can sound so good playing this music.

David Early

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